Night report 2022-10-31

Observers: Aysha Aamer, Evan Ridley, Xinyue Sheng

Support: Matt Nicholl, Paige Ramsden

TAT: Thallis de Lourenço Pessi, Andrea Reguitti, Francesca Onori


EFOSC2 Calibration

Evening: Bias, Pessto calib, spectroscopic arcs


Start: 00:18 UT, humidity 40%, wind speed 10 m/s, seeing 1.6 (DIMM)”

02:30 The telescope can only observe the south and west due to the winds.

Middle:  3:04 UT, humidity 17% , wind speed 11.8  m/s, seeing 1.56 (DIMM)”

End:  08:15 UT, humidity 12.1%, wind speed 9.3 m/s, seeing 1.22 (DIMM)”