Night Report 2019-03-16

Observers: Valéry Brinnel, Ana Sagués Carracedo, Cristina Barbarino

Support Team: LeonardoTartaglia, Jesper Sollerman

TAT: Regis Cartier, Joe Lyman




dome flat and arcs (evening)

skyflats (evening): grz

skyflats (morning): iRVU

arcs (morning): Calibration lamps were off, the TIO resent it a second time during the morning.


Start: Humidity 43%, wind speed 3.2, seeing: , thick low clouds

Middle (5 ut): Humidity 21%, wind speed 5.4, seeing: 1.3

End: Humidity 15%, wind speed 7.6, seeing: 1.3


DIMM not working at the beginning of the night.

The seeing value from the DIMM wasn't always reliable when compared with the images. In those cases, we were estimating the seeing from the acq images.

Instrument - EFOSC2

UT Target Type Setup airmass Seeing(DIMM) texp notes

23:57 SN2019abu Follow-up gr13 1.8 1.9* 2700s Failed: We had problems guiding, and the target started getting too low. *Seeing from acq image

00:15 ZTF19aalwegb Class gr13 1.4 1.2* 600s *Seeing from acq image. SN Ia

00:35 SN2019awq Follow-up gr13 1.4 1.2* 1800s *Seeing from acq image

01:10 LTT3864 Std gr11+13+16,sl1+1.5 1.18 1

01:32 SN2019bkc Follow-up griz 1.21 1.5 3x100s each Seeing 1.2arcsec from the acq image

02:15 AT2018hyz Follow-up gr11+gr16 1.2 0.8 2x1800 each Seeing got worse to 1.3 at the start of the second exposure with gr16

04:58 SN2019bka Follow-up gr11+gr16 1.5 1.3 900s each

05:45 SN2019asz Follow-up gr11 1.25 1.1 2000s

06:30 We lost 30 minutes due to mis-communication between EFOSC and the telescope. (Reported by the TIO)

07:00 SN2019bdz Follow-up gr13 1.27 1.3 1500s

07:30 SN2019akg Follow-up gr13 1.9 1.2* 1800s *Seeing from acq image

08:08 AT2018dyb Follow-up gr11 1.2 0.8 2700s *Seeing from acq image

08:56 LTT7379 Std gr11+13+16,sl1+1.5 1.2 1* *Seeing from acq image

09:13 ZTF19aajwogx Class gr13 1.9 1.4 900s Blue continuun, Young CCSN?

09:40 AT2019bus Class gr13 1.7 0.8 900s SNIa-91T-like

10:03 End of the night