Night Report 2014-10-21

Observers: Kati Takats, Lluis Galbany, Cristina Romero-Canizales

TAT: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Cosimo Inserra

Data reducers: Santiago Gonzalez, Thomas De Jaeger

21 Oct: EFOSC2 night, photometry and spectroscopy

Moon: 3%

Mostly clear sky with some persistent low clouds in the

beginning of the night, but becoming worse at ~ UT 06:50,

when the telescope had to be closed.

Seeing ~ 0.45"-0.8" / Humidity < 40% / wind speed < 5 m/s

during observations.




EFOSC2 calibrations taken in the afternoon (U and V are done; i needs to be completed)

--- DIMM seeing ~0.65" 

UT 23:54     ASASSN-14il photometry (r,i)

UT 00:15     ASASSN-14il spectroscopy (Gr#11,Gr#16)

UT 00:56     Feige110 (Gr#11,Gr#16, Gr#13) --spectroscopic standard

UT 01:25     CSS141015-212902+051800 spectroscopy (Gr#13)

--- it took a lot of time to focus; sources appeared doubled and elongated 

   (UT 01:49 to UT 02:06)

UT 02:06     ASASSN-14jb (Gr#11); very bright object.

--- DIMM seeing ~0.45" 

UT 02:51     SN2013hx photometry (g,r,i) --> nothing is visible in the 

                    acquisition image, but using the reference objects nearby, we

                    made sure that the putative host galaxy won't fall in a bad pixel 


UT 05:15     VMA2 (Gr#11,Gr#16, Gr#13) --spectroscopic standard

--- DIMM seeing ~0.75" 

UT 05:37     CSS131110-023957-083124 photometry (g,i)

UT 06:10     OGLE-2014-SN-073 - a couple of acquisition images were taken, however we 

                    couldn't find the SN position or even reference objects around it that would be

                    clearly visible in the available finding chart.  Nothing could be done before:

UT 06:50     Dark clouds ==> Telescope closed till the end of the night.