Night Report 2015-01-19

Observers: Christoffer Fremling, Anders Nyholm

TAT: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Lluís Galbany

Conditions OK, no clouds at the start of the night. Tonight we start with SOFI spectroscopy and photometry, and later switch to EFOSC spectroscopy for classifications with the majority of the night dedicated to follow-up.

(times are in UT)


- 19:30: PESSTO_SOFI_SpecArc, PESSTO_SOFI_specflat

- 23:58: Sunset

    - 09.10: PESSTO_bias, PESSTO_calib

        - 2015-01-20 Daytime, PESSTO_SOFI_FlatJHK 


SOFI observations  

- 00:45 ASASSN-14il, Airmass=1.50, Seeing=1.0”

Comment: Followup SOFI BG+RG, 13-15mag OB used (target setting very early)

- 01:45 SOFI Telluric std, Hip0470, Airmass=1.7, Seeing=0.9”

- 01:53 ASASSN-14lw, Airmass=1.45, Seeing=0.75”

Comment: Followup, SOFI BG 

- 03:42 SOFI Telluric std, Hip10694, Airmass=1.65, Seeing=0.67”

- 03:49 LSQ14gqk, Airmass=1.3, Seeing=0.65”

Comment: Followup, SOFI BG

- 05:22 SOFI Telluric std, Hio27185, Airmass=1.38, Seeing=0.51”

- 05:30 ASASSN-14ko, Airmass=1.4, Seeing=0.62”

Comment: JHK Followup

- 05:50 OGLE73, Airmass=1.48, Seeing=0.67”

Comment: JHK Followup

— 07:11 --- Switch to EFOSC ——————————————————————

- 07:35 PS1-15g, Airmass=2.06, Seeing=0.92”

Comment: Class. gr13, Gelato SN IIP, +100d, z=0.014

- 07:50 PSN13, Airmass=1.6, Seeing=0.64”

Comment: Class. gr13, Gelato SN IIP, +15d, z=0.014

- 08:13 LSQ15ci, Airmass=1.15, Seeing=0.80”

Comment: Class. gr13, Ia-norm z=0.057 -1d SNID

- 08:35 LSQ15cl, Airmass=1.09, Seeing=0.75”

Comment: Class. gr13, Ia z=0.05 +5d, SNID 

- 08:56 MASTER08:Airmass=1.35, Seeing=0.6”

Comment: Class. gr13, CV



With SOFI:


- ASASSN-14il, Followup SOFI BG+RG

- ASASSN-14lw, Followup, SOFI BG 

- LSQ14gqk, Followup, SOFI BG

- ASASSN-14ko, JHK Followup

- OGLE73, JHK Followup



- PS1-15g, IIP +100d z=0.014

- PSNJ13, IIP/97D +15d z=0.014

- LSQ15ci, Ia -1d z=0.057

- LSQ15cl, Ia +5d z=0.05