Night Report 2015-03-12

Observer : Morgan Fraser

Support team : Southampton (Mat Smith and others)

TAT : Joe Anderson, Cosimo Inserra

Start of night: Haze visible, some clouds on the horizon to the W.  2 m/s wind, 55% humidity

Moon from 03.40 onwards at 55% illumination

End of night: Some thin cirrus visible in second half of the night. Wind 5 m/s, humidity 60%

Seeing: 1" at start of night, subarcsecond seeing for most of the night (with a couple of spikes to 1-1.2" on the DIMM)

Excellent seeing all night, so I concentrated on imaging followup. No classifications - had a

full schedule of critical/important follow-ups.

Afternoon calibrations:    SOFI imaging flats, arcs and specflats

23.12    Sunset

23.33    SOFI focusing

23.40    SOFI Standard LTT 3218

23.49    PSNJ07361576-6930230

             SOFI JHK imaging, BG+RG spectra

00.24    End twilight

01.05    Hip019052 (Telluric standard for PSNJ07361576-6930230      


01.12    Switch to EFOSC, focussing

01.21    ASSASN-14ha

             BVRi imaging (6x150s B, 3x200s VR). Seeing measured at 1" at start of sequence

             Some images show slight elipticity in PSF, but they are still useable.

02.26    Image analysis.


02.34    LSQ14bdq

             griz imaging - note that gr images will be in darktime, iz images will be taken just as

             moon is coming up. But for these filters and moon phase, the difference in sky brightness

             is <0.2 mag/arcsec, so it should be ok. Seeing is 0.6" in g' images at start of sequence.

04.16    PSNJ07361576-6930230

             1500s Gr#11, 900s Gr#16

             Calibration unit did not move after Gr#16 spectrum, so first internal flat is of the SN.

             TO put calibration unit in manually, and re-did flats.

05.15    LTT3864 standard

05.28    PS15br

             2x1500s Gr#11 followup

06.20    SN2015D

             3x300s U, 1x200s B, 1x90s V imaging (source visible in all bands)

             2x1800s Gr#11 spectroscopy (started at 06.50), S/N good

07.55    PSNJ14095513+1731556

             BVRi imaging, SN clearly detected in all bands

08.15    LSQ15rw

             Gr#13 followup, 2x1500s. Good S/N in spectra.

09.11    ASASSN-15bd

             1x1500s Gr#11, 1x1200s Gr#16 followup

09.21    Start twilight

             Too bright for a standard

             U skyflats

10.33    Sunrise