Night Report 2016-11-01

Observers: Georgios Dimitriadis, Miika Pursiainen

Support Team: Southampton

TAT on duty: Regis Cartier, Joe Lyman

All following times in UT

The night is NOT photometric

Weather conditions:

Start - Few thin clouds at the horizon, no wind, low humidity, seeing ~1.5” 

Middle - Few thin clouds, no wind, variable seeing from 1.3”-1.7”

End - Few thin clouds, no wind, seeing ~1.6”


PESSTO calib


PESSTO_SkyFF_eve_gr, z skipped due to stars in the image


23:40 Telescope focus

23:50 AT2016hpw, classification, seeing ~1.6”, SN Ia, -7d, z=0.02

00:00 ATLAS16bwx, classification, object not seen in acquisition image, aborted

00:05 OGLE16eun, classification, seeing ~1.6”, SN Ic, at peak, z=0.05

00:40 Feige 110, spectroscopic standard star

01:05 SN2016enp, follow up, g13, slit 1.5”, seeing ~1.7”

01:50 Image Analysis

02:15 AT2016cvk, follow up, g11+g16, seeing ~1.3”-1.5”

03:20 AT2016hnk, classification, seeing ~1.3”, SN Ic, at peak, but at z=0.037, ground team will look into it more carefully 

03:35 Feige 110, spectroscopic standard star, seeing ~1.2”

03:55 SN2016gsd, follow up, g13, seeing ~1.4”

04:55 OGLE16dmu, follow up, g11, seeing ~1.4”

05:55 OGLE16dmu, follow up, g16, seeing ~1.5”-1.7”

07:15 ATLAS16dqx, classification, seeing ~1.45”, wrong object in the slit, will re-try

07:35 OGLE16euo, classification, seeing ~1.7”, SN Ia, 91bg-like, +2d, z=0.067 

08:05 ATLAS16dqx, classification(re-try), seeing ~1.5”, SN Ia, -1d, z=0.045 

08:25 L745a, spectroscopic standard star, seeing ~1.6”

08:45 AT2016hih, classification, seeing ~1.7”, object not seen at the acquisition images (10s and 30s)

08:55 AT2016hpx, classification, seeing ~1.5”, SN Ia, -7d, z=0.03

09:10 End of night