Night Report 2016-07-26

Observing: Morgan Fraser, Tom Reynolds

Support Team: Cosimo Inserra

TAT: Cosimo Inserra, Kate Maguire

Weather conditions

End of night:


Start of night: Some thin cloud, seeing ~1"

Middle of night:

23:30 End of twilight

          Image analysis

00:25 SN2016aiy (follow-up) BVgri imaging, 2x2700s Gr#11 1.0" slit

          Second exposure ended early as guiding was lost due to clouds.

02:54 PSNJ21505094-7020289 (follow-up) Target clearly visible on acquisition image, so just too 1x300s B.

03:03 SN 2015L (follow-up) Could not acquire due to clouds, aborted

03:12 AT2016ehu (follow-up) Aborted during acquisition

03:14 Closed due to clouds

07:18 Reopened

07:21 Feige 110 (standard) Standard not in slit - data useless

07:43 SN2015L (follow-up) Gr#11

09:26 AT2016ege (classification) Gr#13

          Normal IIP early plateau

09:43 SN2016egz (followup) Gr#11

23:30 Start of twilight

10:09 Gaia16avl (classification) Gr#13

          91T-like Ia at z=0.03, +10d

10:25 Feige 100 (standard)

10:45 AT2016eii (classification)

          Attempted - but sky too bright, spectrum probably useless


Evening: EFOSC biases, spec flats


22:24 UVi sky flats

23:54 AT2016eiy (classification)

          SN Ia at ~+3 days

23:09 SN 2016B (follow-up) - Gr#13 1.0" slit 2500s. Good S/N, nice nebular spectrum