Night report 2022-10-03

Observers: Maxime Deckers, Luke Harvey

Support: Kate Maguire, Umut Burgaz, Jacco Terwel

TAT: Francesca Onori, Timo Kravtsov and Andrea Reguitti

Telescope Operators:  Angelica Leon (day), Francisco Labrana (night)

Night start time:  23:40

Start: 23:40, clear skies, pointing restrictions due to high northern windspeed, 19.7% humidity, wind speed 12.2 m/s, seeing 2.1"

Middle:  4:50, clear skies, 25.5% humidity, windspeed 14.1 m/s, seeing 2.1"

End:  8:26, clear skies, 14.7% humidity, windspeed 13.7m/s, seeing 1.8"

Night end time: 8:26

Afternoon calibrations: EFOSC (bias) (issue with actuator on the NTT so calibrations were started late), SOFI (dome flats and arcs)

Morning calibrations: EFOSC (spec dome flats, spec arcs)

High windspeed caused pointing restrictions. Due to a lack of southern targets we added AT2022wpt, AT2022wjn, and AT2022whm from the marshal not provided by TAT.