Night Report Page - 20120808

Observers : S. Smartt, C. Inserra (QUB) Flora Cellier-Holzem (LPHNE) 

Data analysts on duty : M. Fraser, D. Wright, A. Pastorello

Time shared with Benetti Large Program (BLP) over the first four nights rather than the breakdown of firewalled nights - this was due to RA pressue ranges of targets and having to work around the weather. Data reduced, as much as possible with the PESSTO pipeline

Total time spent BLP on 20120808 : 3hr 

Total time overall in Aug 2012 : 4.5hr + 3hr 

All reduced data available as tarball (spectra also through WISEREP) - contact Morgan

All times CST and approximate 19.00 Clear skies mostly, but some clouds on horizon. Not photometric. Wind low to moderate       Seeing 1.3"         SNHunt141 == PSNJ13375721-1754272 Gr13 +UBVRi  Type II-P +20-30d reasonable match with 2004et.        But probably high velocity feature in H-alpha - see double lined absoprtion trough. Spectrum       resembles high velocity II-P SN2009bw, Inserra et al.  (PESSTO Classification) 19.40 SN2011ja for Guiliano et al. : Gr13 2x30mins + BVRi  Good spectra. 1x30 would have been enough.       seeing 1.2 (BLP) 21.00 Standard EG274, 1.0 and 1.5" slits. Gr11,16 and 13. Without and with order blocking filter in G13 21.20 SN2012ca Gr13 1.0" slit. PESSTO follow-up target (IIn : Cosimo ad Richard)  (PESSTO)       seeing 0.9" 22.20 LSQ12dwl/PS1-12baa/PTF12gzk Gr11+Gr16 slit=1.0", UBVRi PESSTO follow-up target        seeing 1.0" 23.45 LSQ12dyw Gr11+Gr16 slit=1.0", UBVRi PESSTO follow-up : higher S/N and resolution, more features apparent, narrow emission, 

01.00 PESSTO Classifications (all with SNID)        Target    Type Phase        z        LSQ12dwf  Ia   around peak  0.11  match to 89B       LSQ12dle  Ia   +14d         0.05  match to 94D       LSQ12ecd  Ia   +13d         0.09  match to 05lu       SNHunt142 Ic   around peak  0.015 match to 97dq at +1  03.15 LSQ12dvl, identified in acq image. But spectrum has no signal - clouds ! And moon has risen       Spectra useless. Struggling for anything bright enough to see.

03.30 2009ip - clearly visible in acquisition image. Started spectrum Gri#11, but had to abort (about 15mins) 04.00 Closed - clouds 05.50 Opened again - back to BLP. SN2009ip for Andrea (possibly now in outburst). 1800s with Gr11 - good spectrum 06.30 Finished