Night Report 2014-09-21

Observers: Morgan Fraser, Chris Ashall

TAT: Cosimo Inserra, Richard Scalzo

Data reducers: Nic Walton, Nadia Blagorodnova

Conditions: Weather excellent, wind ~5 m/s and DIMM seeing ~0.7" at start of night. Appears clear/photometric at twilight, no clouds visible.

gr skyflats


23.47 Image analysis

23.57 End of twilight

00.00 CSS130809-222004-213922

12x200s gr imaging

01:45 CSS140914-010107-101840

1200s Gr#13 spectrum (at request of Kate - to check if really is a young Ia)

02:10 SN 2013hx

Nothing in first acquisition image (checked with PESSTOEFOSCPHOT). Took 200s acquisition image, very faint source at expected position, but too faint to acquire. Switched to R#642 filter and took new 200s acquisition. Could now acquire target, started 2700s exposure in case there is some strong line emission - but given how faint this guy was to acquire, I really do not expect to see anything.

We do not see a trace in the spectrum - hence we are abandoning the remaining spectrum.

Reduced spectrum and extracted at expected positon of target, continuum is at 0 flux. However, we see a broad (7000 km/s) Halpha line at z=0.13.

03.25 ASASSN-14gm


Seeing increased to ~1" after 04.00

04.20 SN 2013fc

UBVRi imaging

Aborted after I band as seeing (and wind) increased above 1"

04.40 LSQ14efd

Gr#13 3x2700s

06:55 NGC772-OT1

ri imaging

07:15 Shutter failed in middle of OB. TO going to telescope to reset manually.

07:35 Shutter problem resolved - resumed observing

08:20 ASASSN-14ha

20x10s imaging to align with pre-explosion images

Gr#11, Gr#16 spectra

09:15 Start of twilight

09:25 GD71 standard

UVi skyflats