Night report 2015-10-05

Observers: Joe Lyman, Heather Campbell

TAT: Joe Anderson, Cosimo Inserra

Data reducers: Morgan Fraser

EFOSC used for whole night. Wind constant at ~9-10m/s with persistent partial clouds that caused a couple of closures. Seeing quite erratic.

UT Target Comment


23:20 LTT7379 Spec standard

23:40 Somewhat cloudy start, clearing during first target

23:55 PS15cem Classification (very young II!)

23:55 Seeing ~1.3"

00:05 PS15cem Immediate follow up gr11 as per group's instructions

01:15 Cirrus appeared

01:15 PSNJ23002463+0137368 Started followup but difficult to detect even in extended acq image, didn't attempt spectrum

01:20 PS15cez Classification - (Ia, post max)

01:45 Seeing ~1.9"

01:45 SN2014cx Follow up gr13 (1.5" slit, second exposure affected by poor conditions)

03:25 Cloudy, dome closed

05:15 Dome opened

05:15 PSNJ23002463+0137368 Follow up gr11

06:25 Seeing improved ~1.2"

06:25 OGLE15lg Classification (Ia around max)

06:55 ASASSN-14ha Followup photometry (V- and part of R-band completed)

08:00 Cloudy, dome closed