Night report 2016-11-17

Observers: K. Takáts, Ósmar Rodríguez

Support team: Lluís Galbany

TAT team: Joe Anderson, Kate Maguire

Daytime calibrations:




There was a communication problem between the p2pp and the operator, so we started the evening skyflat later

23:50 PESSTO_SkyFF_eve_UVi (just one for U)

Weather: good seeing ~0.6"-0.9", no clouds, no wind.

00:13 AT2016cvk follow-up, gr11+gr16, seeing ~0.7"-0.9"

01:30 spectroscopic standard vma2, seeing ~0.6"

01:55 SN2016hnk follow-up, gr11, seeing ~0.6"

02:35 SN2016hnk follow-up, gr11, seeing ~0.7"

03:07 SN2016hnk follow-up, gr16, seeing ~0.8"

03:51 SN2016hnk follow-up, gr16, seeing ~0.7"-0.9". We had to repeat the flat (the first ones look like spectra!)

04:47 spectroscopic standard vma2, seeing ~1.0"

05:12 AT2016hmq follow-up, gr13, seeing ~0.8"-0.9"

05:57 AT2016hmq follow-up, gr13, seeing ~0.7"-0.8"

06:30 SN2016iae acq. There were technical issues

06:51 SN2016iae follow-up, gr11+gr16, seeing ~0.95" (gr11)

07:13 error, electric issue!  gr16 spectrum was stopped at 390s (but looks fine!), seeing ~0.9". We take the corresponding flat

07:27 spectroscopic standard LTT3864, only with the 1.0" slit, seeing ~0.7"

07:41 AT2016iew classification, seeing ~0.6", SN Ia near max, z=0.064

07:59 there was a problem with the telescope (again)

08:04 AT2016iaf classification, seeing ~0.6", AGN? SN IIn?, z=0.062

08:25 end of the night