ePESSTO(+) @ Tuorla    2019 Apr. 8-9


Venue: Tuorla Observatory (directions from Turku below)


Getting to Tuorla:

Taxi: Cost should be ~30 Eur.  Get the hotel to call one. 

Would suggest taking the bus from bus stop number 1684 ("Tuomiokirkkotori" directly opposite the cathedral) to bus stop number 6149 ("Tuorla").

All buses to Piikkiö will pass Tuorla: 702, 704, 705 etc. 

Cost: 3 Eur each way (would advise having change;  Euro notes < 20 only. 

The journey takes about 20 min. 

The series of pictures below show the path from the bus stop, up the hill to the observatory buildings.


Lunch on both days will be at the Tuorlan Majatalo.Cost: ~10Eur (inc. soup, salad buffet, and coffee)

This is the yellow building (in picture 1 above) that you will have passed while trudging up the hill from the bus stop.


Monday 8th: 10 -- 16:30

Morning session I chair: David O'Neill

10:00--10:05  Welcome & logistics (RK)

10:05--10:35  Cosimo -- ePESSTO+

10:35--11:00  Janet -- "TAT and GROND data release to ePESSTO"

11:00--11:15  Mark -- Templates from PESSTO

11:15--11:45  Coffee

Morning session 2 chair:  Matt

11:45--12:05  Ken --  Update on Lasair

12:05--12:30  Claudia -- Type II SNe in low-luminosity hosts

12:30--12:55  Hanin -- CCSN nebular spectroscopy

12:55--13:00  Group photo in front of main bldg (weather permitting)

13:00--14:15  Lunch  (Tuorlan Majatalo)

Afternoon session chair: Claudia

14:20--14:45  Morgan -- Miscellaneous interacting things

14:45--15:05  Leo -- PSNJ13+39, LSQ13zm, 2016ija, and friends

15:10--15:40  Coffee

15:40--16:05  Tom -- Update on 16gsd

16:05--16:30  Teppo -- The search for X-ray bright CCSN-progenitors

Tuesday 9th: 10:00 -- lunchtime

Morning session I chair:  Mark 

10:00--10:25  Nada -- Nuclear transients with Gaia and OGLE surveys

10:25--10:50  Mariusz -- Nuclear update & OGLE17jei

10:50--11:15  Matt -- The tidal disruption event AT2018lna

11:15--11:45  Coffee

Morning session II chair:  Stefan

11:45--12:10  Peter -- Update on LSQ13ddu

12:10--12:35  Barnabás -- Abundance tomography of Type Iax SNe

12:35--13:00  Discussion / wrap up

13:00--14:20  Lunch


add your name here + length of stay + talk (yes/no/under duress) + Dinner (Mon.) + Dietary req.

1. Matti Hiihtomestari (UTU)     7-10  Yes              Yes    Vegetarian  (Rubina Kotak)

2. Massimo Della Valle (INAF)    7-9   No

3. Mariusz Gromadzki (Warsaw)    7-9   Yes              Yes

4. Matt Nicholl (Edinburgh)      7-10  Talk if needed!

5. Stefan Taubenberger (MPA)     7-10  Talk if needed   Yes  -

6. Janet Chen (MPE)              7-10  Yes              Yes

7. Steven Williams (Lancaster)   7-10   No              Yes   Vegetarian 

8. Barnabás Barna (Szeged)       7-10  Talk if needed   Yes  -

9. Cosimo Inserra (Cardiff)      7-10  Yes              Yes

10. Shane Moran (UTU/NOT)        7-10  (Mini)talk if needed   Yes    Vegan

11. Nada Ihanec (Warsaw)         7-9   Talk             Yes 

12. Claudia P. Gutiérrez (Soton) 7-10  Yes              Yes 

13. Stephen Smartt (QUB)         8-10  No               Train from Helsinki morning of 8th

14. Ken Smith (QUB)              7-9   If needed         Yes   -

15. Dave Young (QUB)             7-9   If needed         Yes   -

16. Morgan Fraser (UCD)          7-10  If needed         Yes   -

17. Seppo Mattila (UTU)                No                Yes   -

18. Sergio Campana (INAF-Brera)  7-11  No                Yes   -

19. Marco Berton (UTU/FINCA)     8-10  No                Yes   -

20. Erkki Kankare (UTU)                No                Yes   -  

21. David O'Neill (QUB)          3-10  No                Yes   -

22. Mark Magee (TCD)             7-10  Quick update on templates - not full talk     Yes

23. Tom Reynolds (UTU)                 Yes                Yes       Vegetarian

24. Jesper Sollerman (Stockholm) 7-8   No                 No        No

25. Hanin Kuncarayakti (UTU)           Under duress      Yes    No pork

26. Teppo Heikkilä (UTU)               Yes               Yes

27. Leo Tartaglia (Stockholm)                            Yes


Getting here:

Many paths lead to Turku.


i) Fly to TKU -- small airport, ~15min drive to the centre. Mostly served by SAS or Finnair. (Good bus connections 3 Eur; taxi ~ 30 Eur.)

ii) Fly to HEL (!) -- then get a connecting (~25min) flight to TKU, or take the train / bus (see  below).

From the continent, many options to either HEL or ARN

From the island of Ireland: there are direct flights to HEL (with Norwegian)


~10.5h ferry ride from Stockholm  (through the glorious archipelago -- highly recommended if you can spare the time).



It is advisable to buy bus/train tickets beforehand. They are usually only valid for the time indicated (unless you’ve bought a flexi train tkt for an extra 5 Eur),

or depending on the whim of the bus driver.

Bus / Train: both take ~2hrs from Helsinki (airport) to Turku

Buses: https://www.matkahuolto.fi/en/

Trains: https://www.vr.fi/cs/vr/en/frontpage


Lots to choose from. Inexhaustive list below.

Some university accommodation (rooms or studios) may also be available (4th link below.

If interested, get in touch as this will have to be booked by an UTU staff member).





Tuorlan Majatalo: accommodation (with shared facilities) available at Tuorla observatory -- if interested, send an email to either

Erkki / Rubina.

There are also quite a few airbnb places in the area.

Social:  see below (but don't worry, no communal saunas)


Dinner on Monday 8th April 

Viikinkiravintola Harald, Aurakatu 3


** Tables booked for 19h. Please bring cash, we will arrange for copies of receipts for those who

need them. **

Noniin... tervetuloa Turkuun; välkommen till Åbo.