Night Report 2015-01-12

Observers: Christoffer Fremling, Anders Nyholm

TAT: Annalisa de Cia, Morgan Fraser

Sky was not completely photometric. Tonight we focused on EFOSC2 Spectroscopy, we ended up with a slight emphasis on classifications


- 20.00UT: 1x PESSTO_bias

- 20:20UT: 1x PESSTO_calib

- 23:47UT: Sunset


EFOSC observations  

- 01:12 AS14il followup, gr11 & gr16, Airmass=1.45, Seeing=1.00”

Comment: Food signal, narrow Ha & Hb, typical IIn  

- 01:45 STD_GD71_g11+gm16+gm13_1+1.5, Airmass=1.5, Seeing=0.72”

- 02:19 LSQ14gqk gr13, Airmass=1.10, Seeing=0.67”

Comment: He at 6678Å and 7065Å, Ib class. from Gelato

- 03:23 ASASSN-15al gr13 Classification, Airmass=1.06, Seeing=0.72”

Comment: Ia SNID, z=0.033, epoch=+3d

- 03:37 OGLE-009 gr13 Classification, Airmass=1.75, Seeing=0.76”

Comment: IIP +37d SNID 1999em, Gelato IIP +47d 1999em

- 04:08 ASASSN-15aj, Classification, Airmass=1.55, Seeing=1.1”

Comment: SNID Ia-norm +3 z=0.012 sn2003hv, Gelato +1d sn1989B, z=0.015

- 04:17 LSQ15bi, Classification gr13, Airmass=2.5, Seeing=1.16”

Comment: SNID Ia-norm -5d z=0.037, Gelato +2.7d 1994D

- 04:26 LSQ15y, Classification gr13, Airmass=2.0, Seeing=0.99”

Comment: SNID Ia-norm +6d z=0.068, Gelato Ia-norm sn1994D +2.7d

- 04:43 LSQ15bb, Classification gr13, Airmass=1.35, Seeing=0.88”

Comment: Ia-91bg? (SNID most Ia-91bg) +3d z=0.079, Gelato most Ia-norm

- 05:14 PSNJ13, Classification gr13, Airmass=2.5, Seeing=0.92”

Comment: IIP, +13d SNID (but uncertain), +38d Gelato (robust) z=0.015

- 05:29 MASTER-J1503, Classification gr13, Airmass=2.4, Seeing=1.08”

Comment: Blue continuum, perhaps IIn, Gelato best match to sn1998S

- 06:03 STD_l745a_g11+gm13+gm16_1+1.5, Airmass=1.06, Seeing=0.74”

- 06:33 PSNJ09, Airmass=1.07, Seeing=0.82”

Comment: Follwup G13 2x1500, Faint signal

- 07:50 LSQ15bo, Classification gr13, Airmass=1.x,Seeing=1.13”

Comment: Ia +6d SNID z=0.049 sn2007co



with EFOSC:


- ASASSN-14il, Gr11+Gr16, good signal

- LSQ14gqk, Gr13 most likely a Ib and not Ic , mostly Ibs in Gelato, and looks like He at 6678 and 7065

- PSNJ09, Gr13 faint signal, but spectrum looks useable


- ASASSN-15al, Ia +3 z=0.03

- OGLE-009, IIp ~+40d

- ASASSN-15aj, Ia +3 z=0.01

- LSQ15bi, Ia -5, z=0.037

- LSQ15y, Ia +6d, z=0.068

- LSQ15bb, Ia-91bg +3d z=0.079 in SNID, Ia-norm in Gelato

- PSNJ13, IIP ~+40d z=0.015

- MASTER-J1503, Blue continuum, perhaps IIn?

- LSQ15bo, Ia +6d, z=0.049 SNID