Observers: Elizabeth Swann, Christopher Frohmaier

Support Team: Edinburgh 

All times in UT



Weather forecast reports clouds towards the very end of the night



Beginning of Night: Thin clouds all over the sky.

The night is not photometric

Strong winds

Middle of night: Cloudy and windy

End of night: Cloudy and windy



Evening: PESSTO_calib and PESSTO_bias

Morning: PESSTO_calib and PESSTO_bias



22:41 - AT2018hla followup, seeing 1.4"

    The PI requests a galaxy spectrum. This is not SN

22:42 - Weather update

    We have a pointing restriction to the NE due to strong winds

23:21 - AT2018hyz followup, g13 1x3600s, slit 1.5", seeing 1.7"

    We adjusted the exposure time following PI's suggestion to accommodate a tight early

    night schedule and because the object is setting.

    The 1.5" slit was used due to poor seeing at acquisition image stage. Seeing has

    improved slightly, but still quite variable.

    Note: Pointing restrictions lifted at ~23:55

00:20 - Clouds rolling in, thin and wispy 🙁

00:33 - EG274 standard. seeing 1.4"

00:53 AT2019hcn classification, seeing 1.6"

    We tripled the exposure time as we feared clouds would approach.

    Note: This object is in a TESS field

    Low SNR, possible blue continuum, Ibc?

01:18 - AT2019hci classification, unable to measure seeing!

    Starting to get really cloudy. 

    I would be surprised if we get much signal from this!

01:38 - AT2019gte followup, seeing 1.6" (fluctuating quickly on DIMM, cannot measure in acquisition)

02:46 - AT2019hei classification, seeing 1.4", SN Ia

02:52 - Dome closed due to cloud cover.