Night report page - 20130103

Observers: Jesper Sollerman, Francesco Taddia

Data reduction team: Mattias Ergon, Giorgos Leloudas

Observations with SOFI the all night.


Seeing 0.9" at the beginning of the night, then >1".

SOFI arc lamps, no other daytime calibration for technical problems with the telescope

UT 00:15  image analysis                   

UT 00:35  SN 2012ec                   JHK (excellent quality)

UT 01:30  SN 2012ec                   BG  (great S/N, we saw Paschen beta and gamma)

UT 03:00  Telluric Hip010545          BG

UT 03:05  LSQ12hxg                    J   (good S/N)

UT 03:30  SN 2012fr                   JHK  (good S/N)

UT 03:45  SN 2012fr                   BG+RG  (good S/N)

UT 04:45  Telluric HiP016344          BG+RG 

UT 04:55  SN 2012hr                   JHK   (good S/N)

UT 05:15  SN 2012hr                   BG+RG (good S/N)

UT 07:50  Telluric Hip021368          BG+RG  

UT 08:00  Flux STD LTT3218            BG+RG

UT 08:12  SN 2012ht                   JHK (good S/N)

UT 08:20  SN 2012ht                   BG (good S/N)

UT 08:50  Telluric Hip023984          BG

SOFI spectral flat