Night Report Page - 20120923

Observers : Iair Arcavi, Yen-Chen Pan. 

Data reduction team : K. Maguire, M. Sullivan, A. Gal-Yam, O. Yaron

Clouds during the night. Not photometric.

EFOSC spectroscopic standards: EG274, Feige110, gd71

PSNJ19065165 [EFOSC: gm13] - Classification Seeing ~1". Old SN Ia, z~0.03.

PSNJ21015899-4816259 [EFOSC: gm13] - Followup Seeing ~0.9".

LSQ12ezs [EFOSC: gm13] - Classification Seeing ~0.9". SN Ia around two weeks past max, z~0.1.

SN2012dy [EFOSC: UBVRi gm11 gm16] - Followup Seeing ~0.8.

LSQ12fch [EFOSC: gm13] - Classification Seeing ~1.0". SN Ia pre-max , z~0.17.

LSQ12ezm [EFOSC: gm13] - Classification Seeing ~1.0". SN Ia around two weeks past max, z~0.11.

SSS120810:231802-560926 [EFOSC: UBVRi gm13] - Followup Seeing ~0.8". Shutter problems. The camera would crash at the end of each exposure. After several tries, seemed to be working again.  We got 1x1800sec + 2x900 sec for spec and imaging as planned (note some strange pattern in the sides of one of the U exposures,  could be a a partially opened shutter, so we took this one again). Lost ~1.5 hours.

LSQ12dyw [EFOSC: UBVRi gm13] - Followup Seeing ~1.0". Changed spec to 3x1200 (instead of 2x1800) to decrease time loss in case of another shutter faliure.

LSQ12ezu [EFOSC: gm13] - Classification Seeing ~1.2". Possibly Ia at z~0.12, but noisy (either not as bright as the LSQ pages claim or we were looking through cloud). Someone should confirm classification.

SN2012ec [EFOSC: UBVRi] - Followup Seeing ~0.9".

LSQ12fdx [EFOSC: gm13] - Classification Seeing ~0.8". Not sure what this is, could be Ic-BL at z~0.025 (some fits to 98bw). We got this one a twilight so the signal is not great.