Night report 2022-01-23

Observing run January 2022

Night Report 2022-01-23

Observers: Jonathan Pineda & João Silvestre

Support: Andrea Reguitti

TAT: Michel Dennefeld, Roberta Carini, Stefan Taubenberger

EFOSC2 Calibration

evening:  Bias, full pessto calib, spectroscopic arcs, pessto calib grisms 18+20


Start: 00:01 UT, cloudy,  humidity 42%, wind speed 2.2 m/s, seeing *.**(DIMM)”

Middle: 04:00 UT, thin clouds,  humidity 42%, wind speed 2.1 m/s, seeing 0.91(DIMM)”

End: 08:37 UT, cloudy,  humidity 34%, wind speed 3.3 m/s, seeing 1.1(DIMM)”

Comments: too cloudy at beginning of the night, telescope closed for first part of the night. Telescope opened at 04:00 UT. Observation of SN2021afuq at Gr16 was interrupted at 08:15, after 200s, as the telescope closed due to clouds.
Beginning of night at 00:01 UT

End of night at 08:36 UT