GAIA night report 2014-08-19

FUGA NTT 19/8/2014

Daytime Calibs :  biases, dome flats, arcs

Nightime Calibs :  Imaging Flats grz: Beautiful clear night

Targets :

1 LTT7379 standard (also for focus etc). Seeing ~0.5 arcsec

2 PSN J14504990-1331037  c=16.4 not in GFP  looks like a nice bright 1a or somesuch

3 LSQ14dxb 18.6 in PESSTO MARSHAL not in FP.

4 ASASSN-14fh V>16.6

5 OGLE-2014-SN-051  (ratty spectrum - but looks 1a ish ?)

6 ASASSN-14fr not in GFP

7 LSQ14dxo  in Gaia FP - looks like a 1a (now thinking I should have done photometry)

8 LSQ14eez just out of footprint : blue continuum v faint. Not sure if it’s worth another go

9 LSQ14eeu in Gaia FP*? - no sources returned

10 ASASSN-14fe not in GFP but close : added rotate to slit to put both sources in

16 OGLE2014-SN-050 really hard to see this - it’s tenuous - so just took an image and moved on

17 LSQ14edl in/near Gaia FP* (no data)

19 LSQ14dtp soon to be in Gaia FP

21 PSN J23274086+2335214 cand SN .. in GFP c=16.4 - left it a bit late ! but got two v nice spectra. Emission lines from the Galaxy. as far as i can see.

27 LSQ14ebu - a PESSTO target classification

28 LSQ14doj - another PESSTo classification - emission lines and everything

29 ASASSN-14fi - last of the night

(binned : >2100 ?LSQ14duc, >2200 ?LSQ14dug )