Download SSDR3 Phase 3 Data Products

ESO has now published the first 4 years (April 2012 - 2016) of reduced data products from PESSTO. Follow the instructions below to download the full data set, collectively known as SSDR3. See here for the ESO announcement of the latest SSDR3 Release of PESSTO public survey data.  

A summary of the data releases to date:

The Release Descriptions for these data releases are linked below

The images are standard FITS images. The 1D spectra are in binary table format, click here for info on how to read and display.  The SPTABLE IRAF external package is able to read, display, and analyse (via the onedspec and rv packages) the ESO one-dimensional science spectra.

Download EFOSC2 & SOFI Spectral Data



Download SOFI Imaging Data

For the SOFI imaging products - go the the main ESO Imaging Query form and follow the same procedure as for the spectral data above.

Download Catalogues

To download the transient catalogue and the multi-epoch photometry catalogue, navigate to the ESO Catalogue Facility, login and either search for 'PESSTO':

or simply select the catalogues from the list displayed on the page:


If you use these data in a publication, please add the following acknowledgement

“This work is based (in part) on observations collected at the European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere, Chile as part of PESSTO, (the Public ESO Spectroscopic Survey for Transient Objects Survey) ESO program 188.D-3003, 191.D-0935.”

And cite Smartt et al. 2015 for reference to the PESSTO Survey.