Night Report 2017-09-29

~03:50 Hip108375 TELL

04:00 AT2017gah FUP (SOFI Blue Grism)(took 25 mins longer than P2PP advertises)

05:30 Hip024337_A TELL

05:43 N113-YSO04_A YSO (payback)

08:11 Hip024337_A TELL

08:23 AT2017fzw SOFI Blue Gr

09:35 Hip029337 TELL

Observers: Kris Rybicki, Simon Hodgkin

TAT: Regis Cartier, Janet Chen

Support team: Morgan Fraser, Emma Callis

Calibrations: biases, dome arcs+flats - apparently some problem with flats

Conditions: Quite a lot of cirrus around at sunset. Transparency up and down through the night.

Lots of cloud at sunrise.

Seeing: 0.7 arcsecs at 01:50 UT, but declined through the night.

03:20 Switch to SOFI : problem with the electronics requires TO to head to NTT, fixed with loss of about 30 mins

UT Target Type Comment


00:05 EG131 STD

00:27 AT2017gvi CLASS : Faint - looks like a reddish star

01:02 AT2017gvp FUP

02:15 ATLAS17jsb FUP

02:53 ATLAS17kvk CLASS : looks like a SNIa-CSM (but the emission is extended - so galaxy?)