Download SSDR1 Phase 3 spectra

The first year of spectra (April 2012 - 2013) have been released by ESO. Follow the instructions here to download the full data set. Release Version 1 (January 2014) included all EFOSC2 and SOFI spectra, and Release Version 2 (September 2014) now also includes SOFI imaging dat. Collectively this is called SSDR1 and will be described in the forthcoming A&A paper.

  1. ESO announcement of First Release of PESSTO Spectral data products (SSDR1)

  2. The data release description for PESSTO is available on this page, which describes the content.

  3. Get the EFOSC2 and SOFI spectral data here directly from the ESO archive (ESO Data products spectral query form)

    • In the query page, select PESSTO and PESSTO in the Programme and Collection boxes (see figure below). You can should select Release Version 1 or 2 (since the spectra are the same for each).

    • Also, set the Return max to 2000 rows (the default is 200)

    • You will get 909 files records returned. There are 909 individual spectra. But there are 1818 files, since we have both 1D spectra and the 2D (flux and wavelength calibrated) spectral images also available.

      • You can download these files in the usual way with your ESO archive login (i.e. ESO User Portal)

      • You will also have a README file, which is called something like README_107835.txt (the number will vary).

      • The files you get are not named the same as in the data release description and are called something like ADP.2014-01-20T10:01:53.357.fits where ADP stands for Advanced Data Products (we think!) and the date is when the file was released

      • This is not particularly useful as the filenames submitted had informative names like SN2012ec_20121020_Gr13_Free_slit1.0_56456_1_sb.fits as explained in the Release Description

      • Dave has written a simple script to change the names of the archive files from ADP.2014.....fits back to the original, useful, filenames.

      • The images are standard FITS images. The 1D spectra are in binary table format, click here for info on how to read and display

      • We will soon provide the 1D spectra in normal FITS image format and ascii format too. But please download the data from the ESO archive so that ESO can track the use

4. For the SOFI imaging products - go the the main ESO Phase 3 forms (which serves both spectra and images)

    • In the query page, select PESSTO and PESSTO in the Programme and Collection boxes (see figure above). You can should select Release Version 2 (which contains the SOFI images).

    • Also, set the Return max to 2000 rows (the default is 200)

      • You can either run it like this and get all the spectra and imaging together. Or, if you have already got the spectra you can get the SOFI imaging only (234 files) by selecting Instrument = SOFI OBSTECH=image in the Observation Parameters section

    • There should be 468 files - 234 images and 234 weight files.

    • For the SOFI image files, again they will be called something like ADP.2014-09-16T11:49:48.107.fits. Which is not very useful. The original filenames are in the image header, and here is another renaming script to rename these back to those.

      • Get this simple shell script below and run it in your directory containing the files (e.g. source ....)

      • The images attributes and data reduction process is described in the paper on the Publication Store, soon to be submitted.