Night Report 2015-10-10

Observers: Joe Lyman, Heather Campbell

TAT: Janet Chen, Annalisa de Cia

Data reducers: Morgan Fraser

Intermittent thick clouds for first half of night, causing problems for a few exposures.

Conditions improved for second half.

UT Target Comment


23:30 Cloudy, wind ~5m/s, dome closed.

00:45 Dome opened, intermittent clouds

01:00 MASTERJ233... Classification (guide star lost and aborted after ~400s, noisy but looks to be type II)

01:20 PS15cgd Classification (aborted, nothing visible in 2D spectrum)

01:35 Dome closed.

02:45 Dome opened

02:45 PS15cgd Classification reattempt (blue continuum with gal/agn features)

03:20 ASASSN-15lh Followup (g11)

03:20 Seeing ~1.2-1.3"

04:25 SN2009ip Followup photometry (BVRi)

06:00 DES15S2nr Followup (g13)

07:50 ASASSN-15og Followup photometry (BVRi)

08:00 SN2015F Followup photometry (UBVgri)

08:20 Seeing ~1.5"

08:35 L745a Spec standard

09:00 PS15cej Classification (Ia at peak)

09:25 Sky flats UVi