Where to Check for Targets


Pan-STARRS Search for Transients (PSST)

La Silla Quest

La Silla Quest Unfiltered (use with caution, and beware of movers)

CRTS SNHunt candidates

CRTS - All Siding Spring SNe

CRTS - All Mount Lemmon SNe

CRTS - All Catalina Sky Survey SNe

discoveries@pessto.org alert list (well established amateurs can communicate targets to PESSTO via this channel)

IAU Transient Object Confirmation Page

Bright SNe page (useful for checking for confirmation images, finders etc.)

Master SN survey (page infrequently updated - most discoveries announced via ATELs)

OGLE-4 survey (OGLE-4 survey @ Las Campanas; 400sq deg around LMC, SMC and the Bridge)

PS1 FGSS targets

PTF targets

Skymapper targets

The Astronomers Telegram (MASTER discoveries usually announced via ATELs)

Gaia Alerts

The LSQ unfiltered list should be used with caution. Most of what appeared to be good targets were in fact movers. For example, LSQ12egz appears real in the subtractions, but the position changes by ~1" between images. We attempted to observe this, but it turned out to be a mover. If the coords are different between different detections, it is probably a mover. The lightcurve from source+host can also be very useful for seeing if a transient is real, or whether there is underlying variability in a host.