Night Report 2016-11-26

Observers: Felipe Olivares, Lingzhi Wang, Lixin Yu

Support team: Lluís Galbany

TAT team: Lluís Galbany, Janet Chen

Weather conditions: moderate or low humidity, weak wind, thin clouds

23:42UT EFOSC skyflats UBVR (low count rate for i)

00:15UT Switch to SOFI: image analysis

00:38UT SN2016ije JHKs follow-up seeing ~1", Airmass 1.4

01:56UT SN2016ije follow-up, BG with slit 1.0" and 2160s,RG with slit 1.0" and 3600s, seeing ~1"

04:34UT Flux standard STD_GD71 with seeing ~1.5", Airmass 1.53

04:55UT Telluric standard Hip006157 with seeing ~1.4, Airmass 1.37

05:06UT Image analysis

05:27UT SN2016ija and SN2016iae in slit 1.0", follow-up, BG+RG, seeing ~1.2", Airmass 1.03

08:11UT Telluric standard Hip020316, seeing ~0.9", Airmass 1.44

08:17UT SN2016hvl JHKs follow-up, seeing ~1", Airmass 1.43

08:26UT End of night

Daytime calibrations: