Observer : Heather Campbell

Support team : Southampton (Mat Smith and Régis Cartier)

TAT :Annalisa De Cia and Maria Teresa

Start of night: Quite a bit of clouds on the horizon, 5 m/s wind (but got up to ~12m/s around 00UT) , 50% humidity

End of night: humidity down to 20%, lots of clouds on the horizon, wind back down to 8m/s

Seeing: Measured 0.8/0.9 at start of night, ??? for most of night.

Afternoon calibrations:    EFOSC arcs and specflats

23.03    Sunset

23.15 skyflats UVi - got some then too dark

Image analysis

23.40 Standard star  LTT3218

00.15    End twilight

00.00 ASASSN-14ha 2*2700 spectra 1h40


Pointing restriction due to wind, up to 12m/s, can only point north at the moment

01.40  LSQ14mo r and I imaging 1h45

03.30 SMTJ13545988 spectra  (classification) and BVR photometry

03.50 AS14lp 1500s G11 +1500s G16

04.55 4.55 SMT143234-1339276 spectra  (classification) +image

05.30 SN2015D - only G11 2*1800s

6.25  PSNJ15 BVRi + G13 2*2700s

8.30 SMTJ1031005 spectra  (classification) +image

8.55 LSQ15xp (classification)

9.10 Image SMTJ13254308

9.25 LSQ15uc (classification)

9.45 LTT7379

10.10 morning skyflats BR but too cloudy really - do again tomorrow