Night report 2015-10-12

Observers: Heather Campbell, Joe Lyman

TAT: Janet Chen, Annalisa De Cia

Data reducers: Morgan Fraser

Lost the first half of the night to clouds. Second half remained thin/clear.

Wind 5-8m/s, seeing variable and reaching above 1.5" for parts.

UT      Target                  Comment


23:30                           Cloudy conditions, dome closed.

04:40                           Clouds cleared, dome opened + image analysis

04:50   ASASSN-15lh             Followup (gr16 2x1800s)

06:00   PS15cem                 Followup photometry (UBVRi)

06:20   PSNJ0109...             Followup (gr13 1500s, 1.5" slit)

07:00   ASASSN-15qc             Followup (g11+16 @900s, 1.5" slit)

07:40   ASASSN-15og             Followup photometry (BVRi)

07:55   L745a                   Spec standard

08:25   ASASSN-15qz             Classification (II; not in marshall yet)

08:40   PS15cel                 Classification (II)

09:00   PS15cgh                 Classification (pushed deep into twilight, noisy but shows blue continuum)

09:50                           Sky flats BR