Night Report 2014-12-20

Observers: Pierre-François Léget, Nicolas Chotard & Marine Ducrot

TAT: Joe Anderson & Annalisa de Cia

The wind was quite high at the begining of the night (11.5m/s). Observations to the north were not possible. It went down below 10 during the first observation.



    - 20:00UT: 1x PESSTO_calib, 1x PESSTO_bias

    - 23:50UT: Sunset


    - 00:00UT: We are ready to observe with SOFI

    - 00:20UT: Focusing and image analysis



    SOFI observations:

    - 00:40UT: ASASSN-14jb, BG spectrum, Airmass (begining: 1.3, end: 2.3), Seeing (average: ~1.14")

    - 02:15UT: Hip110466, Telluric standard. Airmass 2.3, Seeing ~1.1"

    - 02:20UT: SN2013hx, we use the 'K_SN2013hx' obx file sent by Cosimo. Airmass 1.34 Seeing 1.13"

    - 04:10UT: GD71 Flux standard Airmass 1.42, Seeing ~1.2". Wind 12.5m/s Observations to the north/east were not possible

    EFOSC observations

    - Because of wind we can't do the Spectroscopic standard star GD71

    - 04:50UT: LSQ14gjn classification Airmass 1.29 Seeing 1.04". A bit cloudy and probably problem of galactic substraction. No determined.

    - 05:10UT: LTT3864 Spectroscopic standard star (gm11, gm13, gm16) Airmass 1.56 Seeing 0.89"

    - 05:35UT: TPhE: Standar star. Photometry. Not done, too low in the sky

    - 05:40UT: PESSTOESO154-G10 gm11+gm16 spectra Airmass 1.58 Seeing 0.85"

    - 06:30UT: RU149 Photometric standard. Airmass 1.14 Seeing 1.11"

    - 06:40UT: ASASSN-14ha gm11+gm16 spectra Airmass 1.55 Seeing 1.1"

    - 07:40UT: ASASSN-14ha photometry U-band  Airmass 1.60 Seeing  1.11"

    - 08:55UT: OGLE-2014-SN-189 photometry R-band Airmass 1.35 Seeing  1.05"

    - 08:10UT: L745a Spectroscopic standard star (gm11, gm13, gm16) Airmass 1.25 Seeing 0.9"

    - 08:35UT: RU149 Photometric standard. Airmass 1.43 Seeing 1.00". Exposure aborted before its end.

    - 08:42UT: electronic problem with EFOSC. Night aborted.


No post observations due to the electronic.


with SOFI:

ASASSN-14jb, BG spectrum

SN2013hx in K-band

with EFOSC:

LSQ14gjn for classification

PESSTOESO154-G10 gm11+gm16 spectra

ASASSN-14ha gm11+gm16 spectra

ASASSN-14ha photometry in U-band

OGLE-2014-SN-189 photometry in R-band