Night report page - 20131009

Observers: Cosimo Inserra, Ting-Wan Chen

Support team: J. Polshaw, E. Reilly, J. Maund

TAT on duty: Annalisa De Cia (replaced by Joe Anderson), Andrea Pastorello


Subrun 2, night 3

Instruments: EFOSC2


beginning: wind speed 3.2m/s; humidity 26 %; no clouds

middle: wind speed  5.4 m/s; humidity  13 %; no clouds

end: wind speed  8.9 m/s; humidity 15 %;  thin clouds? 


EFOSC2 bias

EFOSC2 Spectroscopic flats and rcs

EFOSC2 Skyflats Vi (too faint for U, even just after sun set)

EFOSC2 Morning Skyflats Uz


Target                                    Type                 UT         Filter/Grism      Slit            Seeing    Grade (A/B/C)     Comments

El131    STD    23:40    gm11/gm13/gm16    1./1.5    0.9"    A

SN2013fq    FOLLOW-UP    00:29    gm13    1.    0.9"    A/B     (problem with internal flats, we had to restart the oB manually)

PSNJ23194467+1011045    FOLLOW-UP    gm11/UBVRi    1.    0.8"    A

SSS120810    FOLLOW-UP    01:48    iRV    -    0.7"    A

PG0231    STD    05:25    UBVRigrz    -    0.7"    A

LSQ12dlf    FOLLOW-UP    VRi    -    1.2"~1"   A

OGLE-2013-SN-079    FOLLOW-UP    Vi    -    1.1"    A