Night Report 2016-10-22

Observers: Georgios Dimitriadis, Miika Pursiainen

Support Team: Southampton

TAT on duty: Janet Chen, Morgan Fraser

All following times in UT

The night is NOT photometric

Weather conditions:

Start - Strong wind and clouds

Middle - Strong wind, few thin clouds, pointing only to south, DIMM seeing 1.5"

End - No clouds, but strong wind


PESSTO calib


Starting with SOFI

23:30 Bad weather conditions, telescope closed

02:55 Telescope opens

03:10 Image analysis

03:20 HIP108375, telluric standard for AT2016cvk, seeing 1.2"

03:25 AT2016cvk, follow up, RG, seeing 1.2", first try aborted, the rotator was close to the limit

03:30 AT2016cvk, follow up, RG, seeing 1.2", second try

04:45 Telescope closes due to strong wind, 5 RG exposures were taken before abortion

09:10 End of night