Night report 2024-01-14

Night report 14/01/2024

Observers: Konrad Grzesiak, Mateusz Bronikowski

Support: Mariusz Gromadzki

TAT: Andrea Reguitti, Michel Dennefel, Stan Barmentloo

Afternoon : bias, PESSTO_calib_arcs_only, PESSTO_arcs_gr18+20 

Morning: none.

Start: 00:42 UT, humidity 17%, wind 17.3 m/s average.

Mid: 05:00 UT, humidity 16%, wind 18% avg.

End: 08:10 UT, humidity 11%, wind 14.4 m/s avg.

Comments: Wind too high for observations throughout the night - no observations were done. The Weather Officer decided to end the night at 08:10 UT.