Night report 2023-04-17

Observers: Thallis Pessi, Timo Kravtsov

Support: Claudia Gutiérrez, Lluís Galbany

TAT: Nada Ihanec, Thomas Moore, Lluís Galbany

Start: 23:19 UT, humidity 50 %, wind speed <1 m/s, seeing 1.4"

Middle:  06:45 UT, humidity 31 %, wind speed  8.7 m/s, seeing 1.2"

End:  09:42 UT, humidity 21 %, wind speed 6 m/s, seeing 1.2"

Afternoon calibrations: Bias, spectral arcs

Morning calibrations: spectral arcs

Night started with partial cloud coverage, rising humidity and no wind. Diverted to brighter targets in the beginning. Observed critical targets during the first half and then switched to classifications. Last leg of the night the seeing worsened again going up to 1.8".