Night report 2017-08-27

Observers: David Homan, Joe Lyman

TAT: Joe Anderson

Support team: Lluís Galbany

Calibrations: biases, dome arcs+flats, morning BR skyflats

Conditions: Clear; wind ~10m/s; seeing 1-1.5", jumping above 1.5 around 6:00

UT       Target            Type            Comment


22:55    PS17egl           followup        J band - telescope issue with an offset.

00:50    GRB170827A        identification  SOFI Z non-detection

01:00                                      switch to EFOSC

01:20    GRB170827A        identification  EFOSC deeper R/i band images v. faint detection

01:45    GRB170827A        followup        g13 2700s

02:30    AT2017fwm         followup        g13

03:05    LTT7379           standard

03:25    -                 -               repayment to another program

04:15    OGLE17mtb         classification  IIP, quite old. narrow Ha component but probably from galaxy?

04:40    AT2017ggw         classification  IIP

05:00    AT2016gah         followup        g11+g16

05:45    ATLAS17jlp        classification  noisy blue continuum, apparent point source underlying in DSS

06:10    ATLAS17jxi        classification  not in acq. only detected 1d ago but on closer inspection something looks odd about the detections.

06:20    ATLAS17jsb        classification  AGN

06:40    ATLAS17jrl        classification  IIP

07:05    AT2017gax         followup        g11+g16

07:50    ATLAS17jnr        classification  Ia post-peak

08:20    AT2017fzw         followup        g11+g16

09:05    AT2017gci         followup        g13

09:40    VMA2              standard