NTT Pipeline

The NTT pipeline is a python module. To install it, download the pipeline from the site and run:

python install

The NTT pipeline module is working if you have the following modules installed in your python

    • Pyraf

    • numpy

    • pyfits

    • pylab

you need also

    • IRAF and


once the ntt pipeline is installed, typing "PESSTO" on the terminal you will get a list of python script:

PESSTOEFOSC1dSPEC list2Dfile -i [options]

PESSTOEFOSC2dSPEC [listfile -B bias (use this bias) -F flatlist (use these flats) .....]

PESSTOEFOSCPHOT [listfile -c CORRECTOBJ (list of right names and coordinates) -B bias (use this bias) -F flatlist (use these flats) ...... ]

PESSTOFASTSPEC raw_spectrum [-i (interactive) -a ARC (use this arc) -s SENS (use this sens) -t (trace with a second object) ......]

PESSTOSOFI1dSPEC list2Dfile [-i (interactive) ... more options]

PESSTOSOFI2dSPEC [listfile -i (interactive) ... more options]

PESSTOSOFIPHOT [listfile -i (interactive) ... more options ]

PESSTOWISE listspectra [-c CORRECTOBJ (list of right names and coordinates) ..... more option]


version ntt.1.0 released to the PESSTO community

Standard Stars

EFOSC: one of the standard from this list Standardlist_efosc.pdf

SOFI: List of telluric standard that should be used (at similar airmass to the object): vega type Standard_vega.pdf solar type Standard_sun.pdf photometric standard (one each SOFI night). Standard_phot.pdf