Night report 2021-10-05

Observers: Rachel Bruch, Joe Anderson

Support: Claudia Gutiérrez

TAT: Nada Ihanec, Tom Kilestein, Takashi Nagao

EFOSC Calibrations:

Afternoon: none as no daytime support

Evening: none

Morning: Bias, arcs

SOFI Calibrations:



Start: clear, humidity 16%, wind speed 7.7m/s, seeing 1.4"

Middle:  clear, humidity 9%, wind speed 11.9m/s, seeing 1.2"

End: clear, humidity 9%, wind speed 14.9m/s, seeing 2.23"

Comments (times in UT):

Twilight was used by the operator to test some SOFI observing mode for another upcoming run.

Beginning of the night 00:01 UT

End of night at 09:15 UT