Night report 2022-01-02

Observing run January 2022

Night Report 2022-01-02

Observers: Bastian Ayala, Giualiano Pignata

Support:      Andrea Reguitti


EFOSC2 Calibration

evening:  Bias, Full EFOCS2 calib, Evening sky flats gri 


Start:    00:38 UT,   thin clouds,  humidity 55%, wind speed 5.1 m/s, seeing 1.29(DIMM)”

Middle: 04:45 UT,   thin clouds,  humidity 35%, wind speed  4.4 m/s, seeing 0.71 (DIMM)”

End:      08:46 UT,   thin clouds,  humidity 29%, wind speed 3.8 m/s, seeing 0.75(DIMM)"

Comments:  Today we had considerably better seeing than yesterday (with values between 0.6 "and 1.5"). We start with bad seeing (1.5”), then suddenly drop to 0.6”. Therefore, we were able to observe more fainter objects with higher priority. 

Beginning of the night 00:38 UT

End of night at   08:46 UT