Observers: Chris Ashall, Simon Prentice

Support team: C. Inserra

TAT on duty: Ting-Wan Chen, Stefan Taubenberger


Subrun.night: 3.2

Instruments: SOFI, EFOSC2


Night Humidity Wind speed Sky

beg. 50% 15 m/s Partially cloudy

mid. 60% 12 m/s Partially cloudy

end. 50% 15 m/s Clear


EFOSC2 bias

EFOSC2 spectroscopic arcs

*** LOG

Target Type UT Filter/Grism Slit Seeing Airmass Grade (A/B/C) Comments

NTT not currently open due to lightning (23.00 UT)

NTT remains closed as of 04:00 UT

High wind is preventing the NTT from opening however sky is mostly clear (07:30 UT)