Night report 2022-04-23

Observer: R. Carini

Support:  M. Gromadzki, N. Ihanec

TAT: T. Kravtsov, S. Srivastav, T. Nagao

Technical problem with EFOSC2 rotator, for tonight  and tomorrow night it will not be possible to observe with EFOSC2.

Night Start Time:  23:10UT

Start:  23:10 UT,  clear, humidity  37%, wind speed 2.3 m/s, seeing (DIMM)  0.8”

Middle:  04:47 UT, clear ,  humidity 27%, wind speed   6.2 m/s, seeing  (DIMM) 0.85”

End:  10:10 UT, clear  , humidity  32%, wind speed   6.3 m/s, seeing  (DIMM) 0.7”

Night End Time:  10:10 UT

SOFI night