Night report 2021-10-15

Observers: Roberta Carini

Support: Claudia Gutiérrez

TAT: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Janet Chen, Michael Fulton, Michel Dennefeld

EFOSC Calibrations:

Evening: Arcs

Morning: Bias, arcs 

SOFI Calibrations:



Start: 23:50 UT, clear with cirrus, humidity 30% wind speed 4.6 m/s, seeing  1.1"

Middle: 04:30 UT, clear,  humidity 30%, wind speed  6.5 m/s, seeing  1.0"

End: 09:00 UT, clear, humidity % , wind speed m/s, seeing 

Comments (times in UT):

Beginning of the night 23:50 UT

End of night at   UT