Night report 2013-12-02

Observers: Michel Dennefeld, Joe Lyman, David Bersier        TO: Ariel Sanchez

Support team:  J Maund

TAT on duty: Andrea Pastorello, Annalisa de Cia


Instruments: EFOSC2. 


beginning: wind speed 12 m/s; humidity 20 % ; thin clouds

middle: wind speed 10 m/s; humidity 6 %;  clear

end: wind speed  11 m/s; humidity  9 %;  clear

Afternoon CALIBRATIONS: EFOSC2 bias, arcs, dome flats

OBSERVATIONS:  start regularly at sunset.  Sunset at UT23:37, start of night at UT01:02

Evening sky flats: BR but clouds!

Target                              Type             UT         Filt/Gm     Slit      Grade    Comments

OGLE-2013-SN-129          Class            00:39     g13          1          A/B       started before astronomical twilight. Seeing 1.4". Ia +10d, z~0.08

CSS121015                      Follow           01:05     g13          1.5       B

PSNJ01591443+1901339   Follow           01:52     ri              -          A/B       wind close to 12 m/s

                                                       strong wind, cannot point south

LSQ13dca                        Class           02:48     g13          1.5        A          Ia near max, z~0.12, seeing ~1.2"

LSQ13diw                        Class            03:20    g13          1.5         A          Ia (91T) near max, z=0.058 (from SNID fit and em line), seeing~1.4"

LSQ13dhy                        Class            03:46    g13          1.5        A          Ia (91T) few days before max, z~0.2

PSNJ01462790-5840238    Follow          04:24     g11          1.5        A          some clouds on the N and E, wind going down, seeing ~1.3", z=0.0075 from host em lines

OGLE-2013-SN-100           Follow          05:21     g13          1           B /C       passing clouds. z=0.087 from em lines. SNID all over the place; stripped envelope?

SMTJ03054854-28503700  Class           06:30     g13           1           B/C       passing clouds, z~0.054 from em lines, unclear

LSQ13ddu                        Follow          07:13     g11           1.5        A         still strongly blue continuum, development of H/He features - IIb? No good match in SNID  

Standard LTT 3864, start when Sun reaches -18 degrees

 Arcs only, no sky flats (cirrus around  at dawn but zenith clear)

Morning calibrations: Spectro-Dome Flats, + Arcs