Night report 2024-01-13

Night report 13/01/2024

Observers: Konrad Grzesiak, Mateusz Bronikowski

Support: Mariusz Gromadzki

TAT: Janet Chen, Amit Kumar, Xinyue Sheng

Afternoon : bias, PESSTO_calib, PESSTO_arcs_gr18+20 

Morning: skyflat r, PESSTO_calib_arcs_only

Start: 00:55 UT, Seeing 2, humidity 28%, wind 2.6 m/s

Mid: 05:23 UT, seeing 1.25, humidity 15%, wind 7.1 m/s

End:  09:22 UT, seeing 1.05, humidity 13.0%, wind 6.1 m/s

Comments: Very bad and unstable seeing at the start of the night but stabilized below 1.5 after first target was observed. 

Night report 2024-01-13