Night Report 2016-04-12

Observing: Joel Johansson, Mark Magee, Ira Bar

Support Team: Weizmann

TAT: Maria Teresa Botticella, Michel Dennefeld

Weather conditions

Middle of night: Clear, humidity ~49%, windspeed ~11.2m/s, seeing ~1.2"

End of night: Clear, humidity ~30%, windspeed ~11.4, seeing ~1"


Start of night: Clouds, humidity ~73%, windspeed ~11.3m/s, seeing ~1.2"


Evening: PESSTO_bias, PESSTO_calib, PESSTO_SkyFF_eve_grz

Morning: -


22:41 UT: Dome opened, sky flats grz

23:22 UT: Follow up: OGLE15xl, gr13 2700s, slit 1.5"

00:20 UT: Image analysis

00:29 UT: Spectroscopic standard - L745a

00:56 UT: Follow up: SN2016aiy, gr11 1800s, slit 1.5"

01:32 UT: Follow up: SN2016aiy, gr16 1800s, slit 1.5"

02:15 UT: Follow up: PS15br, griz 6x200s each

03:56 UT: Follow up: SN2016bln, g11+g16 1500s each, slit 1.5"

05:04 UT: Spectroscopic standard - LTT3864

05:25 UT: Classification: SMT16atf, gr13 300s, slit 1.5", seeing ~1.6"

05:41 UT: Switching to SOFI*, image analysis

06:02 UT: Follow up: SN2016aiy, JHK 1080s + 1440s + 1440s, seeing ~0.9" 

07:28 UT: Follow up: SN2016adj, JHK 10:42 mins, seeing ~1.2"

07:36 UT: Follow up: SN2016adj, bg+rg 18:41 mins

08:38 UT: Telluric standard: HIP64550, bg+rg 04:43 mins

08:45 UT: Spectroscopic standard: LTT7987

09:01 UT: Follow up: LSQ15adm, JH 01:12:37 hours, seeing ~1.2"

10:16 UT: Dome closed

* There was a problem with the SOFI exposure countdown, which didn't stop and went on to negative values (as already happened multiple times in past runs). Due to that the time dedicated to observations took longer than expected. The effect seems to be strongest for spectroscopy (up to twice as much time), but also appears for imaging (up to 30% increase).