Night report page - 20130913

Observers: Erkki Kankare, Tuomas Kangas

Support team: Seppo Mattila, Cosimo Inserra

TAT on duty: Annalisa de Cia, Joe Anderson


Subrun.night: 3.3

Instruments: SOFI


Night Humidity Wind speed Sky

beg. 30-50% 5-8 m/s clouds

mid. 20-40% 8-11 m/s clouds

end. ~20% 8-11 m/s clouds


EFOSC2 bias

EFOSC2 spectroscopic arcs

*** LOG

Target Type UT Filter/Grism Slit Seeing Airmass Grade (A/B/C) Comments

23:10 Network connection problems with the telescope

23:40 Telescope closed due to clouds