Night report 2016-11-25

Observers: Felipe Olivares, Lingzhi Wang, Lixin, Yu

Support team: Lluís Galbany

TAT team: Lluís Galbany, Janet Chen

The night is not photometric

Note: telescope was closed until 05:04 UT because of the weather. We couldn't take evening skyflats.

Weather conditions:

Start: moderate humidity, strong wind

Middle: strong wind, pointing restriction, MeteoMonitor stops working at 2:03 UT

End: strong wind

05:04UT Image analysis

05:37UT SN2016iae, SN2016ija follow-up, gr11 with 1.0" slit, 2x1800s, seeing ~1", Airmass 1.03

07:02UT SN2016iae, SN2016ija follow-up, gr16 with 1.0" slit, 2x1800s, seeing ~1", Airmass 1.18

08:21UT Quartz lamp for internal flat

08:28UT End of night

Daytime calibrations: