Night report 2019-01-12

Observers: Felipe Olivares, Fabio Ragosta

TIO: Pablo Arias

Initial conditions: good

DIMM seeing unavailable

Evening skyflats UBVRi (too late for the last 2 i-band images)

00:30 image analysis at the position of SN18ivc

00:47 delay due to error in image analysis

00:53 SN18ivc: hard to ID in the acquisition

01:08 SN18ivc: gr13 slit1" 1500s

01:36 SN18jfz: gr13 slit1" 2x2700s

03:15 GD71 seeing~1.2" from the adquisition

03:20 GD71 gr13 slit1" 

03:24 SN2018iuq seeing~1.4" from the acquisition

03:37 SN2018iuq gr13 slit1" 2x1800s

04:40 SN2019gf wrong pointing

04:50 SN2019gf gr13 slit1" 1200s

05:22 SN2019jf seeing~1.2" from the adquisition

05:26 SN2019jf gr13 slit1" 1200s

05:47 SN2018ldu seeing~1.4" from the acquisition

05:52 SN2018ldu gr13 slit1" 2700s

06:39 LTT3864 seeing~1.4" from the acquisition

06:44 LTT3864 gr11+16+13 slit1"

06:53 AT2018hyz preset & acquisition

06:57 image analysis at the position of AT2018hyz

07:10 AT2018hyz seeing~0.8" from the acquisition

07:15 AT2018hyz gr11+16 slit1"

08:16 PESSTO_bias

08:27 PESSTO_calib