Night Report 2021-05-22

Observers: Miika Pursiainen, Panos Charalampopoulos

Support: Giorgos Leloudas, Emmy Paraskeva

TAT:  Claudia Gutierrez, Janet Chen, Georgios Dimitriadis

EFOSC Calibrations: 

Bias, dome_flats, arcs taken in the afternoon.

SOFI Calibrations: 

PESSTO_SOFI_FlatJHK in the afternoon


Start: No cöouds, humidity ~10%, seeing ~2"

Middle: No clouds, humidity ~10%, wind 5m/s, seeing ~1.3"

End: Some thin clouds, humidity ~10%, seeing ~1."

Comments (times in UT):

Moon is bright during this subrun!! Illumination 86% tonight.

23:18: Sunset twilight

03:20: Switch to SOFI

10:00: Sunrise twilight