Night report 2019-12-18

Observers: Tomas Muller !!!

Support Team:  Phil Wiseman, Miika Pursiainen

TAT: Janet Chen, Morgan Fraser, Giuliano Pignata


EFOSC daytime calibrations (biases, flats and arcs)

Sky flats grz (evening twilight)

Sky flats iz (morning twilight)


Start: Humidity 57%, wind speed 1.7 m/s, seeing: 1.2".

Middle:  Humidity 28%, wind speed 2.8 m/s, seeing: 1.0".

End :  Humidity 50%, wind speed 3.4 m/s, seeing: 0.7".


I started the night with the KN candidate as it was very low (as suggested by Morgan)

Sky flats for z-band were repeated in the morning as they were not finished in the evening

Relatively stable seeing through the night.

The last telluric standard and spectroscopic standard with SOFI were taken during morning twilight