Night Report Page - 20121206

Observers: Laurent Le Guillou, Kate Maguire

Data reduction team: Sylvain Baumont, Mark Sullivan

Observing with EFOSC2 the all night.


Seeing ~ 1" (beginning of the night)


EFOSC2 bias + arcs / dome flats + spectro-polarisation calibrations + skyflats UBVRi (partly)

A problem with the NTT azimuth axis occurred before the sky flats.

UT 00:49 STD vma2

UT 01:05 LSQ12dwl gr13

UT 01:37 SN2012dy BVRi + gr11

NTT azimuth axis problem again (electromechanical problem).

Wind got stronger (~12 m/s). Pointing restricted to the southern targets.

UT 03:08 SSS120810 BVRi

UT 04:17 LSQ12gqn gr11 + gr16

UT 05:34 STD LTT3864

UT 05:53 LSQ12hcu gr13 *classification* (not enough flux, difficult to say anything about it)

UT 06:28 LSQ12gpw gr11 + gr16

UT 07:22 LSQ12gxv gr13 *classification* (dominated by galaxy spectrum, needs more processing)

EFOSC2 filter wheel and slit wheel blocked. Not enough time to fix it before sun rise.