Night report 2018-01-11

Observers: Filomena Bufano, Marco Berton 

TAT: Annalisa De Cia, Morgan Fraser

Support team: Stefan Taubenberger, Christian Vogl, Andreas Floers

Calibrations:  biases.  Dome arcs+flats (day)

Telescope opened at UT 02.10 due to clouds

Weather Conditions (UT 2.30): Cirri and Veils, Humidity~50% , seeing~1.2"  

UT                  Target               Type                   Comment


02.30           GD71                Standard              gr11+gr16+gr13; slit 1" +1.5"

02.55          AT2017jan        FollowUp              Aborted. Residual veils.

03.00          AT2017imr        FollowUp             Gr13: 1x1800s

03.38          Still problems with focus. We go with Image Analysis                              

04.00          AT2017hpi        FollowUp             Gr13: 1x1200s ; seeing~ 0.8"

04.25          AT2018bg         Classification       Type Ia.

04.38          AT2018bl          Classification       Nuclear transient. Type ?

04.51          AT2016jbu        FollowUp              gr11, gr16: 1x1800s

06.10          AT2018ec          Classification       Type? strong extinction.  Seeing~0.6"

06.48          AT2018eh         Classification       Type Ia 

07.10          AT2017jyr         Classification        Type Ia ; seeing 1.1"

07.22          AT2017jfv          FollowUp              gr11: 1x3600s

08.27          LTT3864            Standard              gr11+gr16+gr13; slit 1"