Night report 2024-01-10

Night report 10/01/2024

Observers: Nada Ihanec, Tanja Petrushevska

Support: Mariusz Gromadzki

TAT: Claudia Gutierrez, Xinyue Sheng, Tom Killestein

Afternoon : bias, arcs g11, 13, 16, 18, 20, dome flats

Morning: arcs

Start:  00:55 UT, humidity 31% wind speed 2.4 m/s seeing 2.0

Mid: 05:10 UT, humidity 31% wind speed   6.7 m/s seeing 1.2

End:   09:05 UT, humidity 30%, wind speed  5.0 m/s, seeing 1.5


In the beginning of the night we had bad seeing (2") and some issues with the image analysis (it took 45 min) and rotation of the telescope, however the second part of the night went smoothly and we got some nice quality follow-up spectra. 

Night report 2024-01-10